Written By Mishka Loesch

Hello from Mrs Loesch,

I’m a wife!


Happy New Year my loves! I can’t believe I am typing this love letter to you all, as a wifey! I have a husband. How crazy Is that? Some of you might think, after 8 years, ‘it’s about time’, but to me it feels like I met this guy, just the other day. How is this kind of love even real?

I thought I would do this for you guys, and share my favourite moments of our most special day. There’s more to see, on SARIE.com, see here: CLICK HERE

But this, this is from me. This is my personal experience:
I could not have asked for a better day. Better weather. Better friends and family. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, best friend and now my husband. It turned out exactly how I envisioned, exactly how I planned, EXACTLY what I wanted.

From the start, literally the START:
The first coffee with Kylie, my bridesmaid, driving to the venue with a belly filled with butterflies, starting with hair and make-up, creating unforgettable moments and memories with my bride-tribe, to the ‘big reveal’ to my dad and brother… To walking down the isle, the picturesque sunset, to the very last song before the evening ended… I am (still) blown away.

Let’s start at the beginning:
Allow me to introduce to you: My Bride Tribe! We started the day at our wedding venue, Vredenburg Manor House, in the most gorgeous setting, with our hair and makeup, after I gave them their custom bride-tribe gifts, from One Boutique Store, sipping on Deetlefs champagne. I knew the whole day will go by extremely fast, so being present, being in the moment and soaking up every, single second was my only priority.







The groomsmen were all dressed by (yes, including the best wo-MAN) Tux Tailor! Custom made suits, custom made gift boxes from One Boutique Store too, because our bride-tribe and groomsmen, are the real MVP’s! Also, can we take a moment for my husband? Jeeeeeeewiizzzzz… They spent their morning in a stunning cottage, right next to the Manor House. Groomsman Photos by Candice Rodriguez Photography:




My dad, mother-in-law and father-in-law also received personalised gifts and letters from myself. What can I say, I’ve always been detail-oriented, but also emotionally focused on starting the new decade and my new chapter as a wife, on the right foot. By that I mean, I need to communicate my appreciation for the most important people in my life. And besides my dad, who will always be my first love, Donovan’s mother and father has played a significant role in my life for the past 8 years.

All their boxes are from One Boutique store too, with a custom-made mug from Succulent Oasis added. I think one of the highlights of my morning was the ‘big reveal’ to my bridesmaids and my father. Goosebumps. Snot. Tears. Poor Merlize had her job cut out for her the entire day, even shedding a few tears and having to fix her own make-up herself a few times too! Haha, wow, I honestly have the best friends.




The ceremony:
Walking down the isle was not what I imagined. It was more. With my dad walking me down the isle to get married, to become a wife, still gives me goosebumps. I think the moment that made the waterworks go and give Merlize extra anxiety, was the moment I saw Donovan. And the moment I knew, this is my forever. After 8 years of being together, we are finally here.




Every single thing at our wedding was planned with a reason. From the venue being in Stellenbosch, where Donovan and I met for the first time, right until the date we got married. YES, it was on a Tuesday, but it was on our 8 year anniversary. We selected a small group of guests to attend, keeping it very intimate, as these are truly the people who have been, and will always be part of our lives.

We had small elements that was completely ‘us’. Like the lawn games, the Las Paletas ice lollies stand, the Roku gin bar (which you all saw at the wedding shower too), to the ‘memory’ for my mother. My guardian angel, who made sure we had ZERO wind on my wedding day. From an impromptu first dance, having a jukebox instead of a DJ, and a bonfire at our ‘party area’… These are all things that make us, ‘us’. It was extremely important to us, to keep our biggest and most special day, completely how we are as a couple. Nothing more, nothing less.



Our pre-drinks area was exactly how we pictured it. We didn’t want the guests getting bored while we went to do our family/ couple photos, so we created an area of all the things WE love! A gin bar, lawn-games, ice-lollies from Las Paletas, entertainment by the talented Gheta Bailey, and canapes were flowing in a relaxed and beautiful setting, where the guests could just mingle! They could also make use of our cute little section for our guest book! Designed by Fleur Design, guests could snap an instant-print/ Instax photo, paste it into our guest book and leave us a message!




Dinner under the stars! This was exactly my vision. With our gorgeous cake from Bakelicious as always, fairy lights and candles, a long-table seating plan, creating a romantic setting for our guests to enjoy, while the cake was cut, the speeches were done and dinner was served. Our first meal, as husband and wife! And might I add, my husband made the right choice: Lamb Shank! It was the highlight of the day for most guests!



Our favourite part of the evening: Our party section!
Ever heard of a bonfire at a wedding? YUP! Well, now you have. Besides having our first dance and, again, surrounded by candles and fairy lights, we wanted to create another romantic yet different setting to end off the evening with those who stayed until then! With our creative cappuccinos for our guests, our dessert station and our jukebox, this was the perfect ending to a perfect day! OUR wedding day!


The Dresses:
Just on a side note, for all the DM’s on social media:
My first dress – It’s a JESUS PEIRO dress from Cathrine’s Bridal Couture. To view the range, please click here: CLICK HERE
My second dress for reception: Available at Cathrine’s Bridal Couture as well, a Casablanca dress, and ‘her’ name is: Opal.

I’ll link all the vendors below, with their website links and you can check them out yourselves. For now, enjoy these selected images, of our most special day.























In a nutshell, this was without a doubt the most special way to start our year. On New Years eve, we sat down and wrote down our goals for the year as husband and wife. Wow, 2020… WE are ready. With lots of love,
From Mrs Mishka Loesch

Wedding Vendors:

1. Fleur Design Studio

2. The Flower Girl

3. Fresh flowers: YES! Exclusive Flowers supplying Tambuzi Roses

4. Cake: Bakelicious

5. Photographer: Samantha Clifton Second shooter: Candice Rodrigues Photography

6. Alcohol: Deetlefs and a ROKU Gin Bar

7. Las Paletas ice lollies stand 

8. One Boutique: Gowns, slippers and packages for bridesmaids and boxes for the groomsmen / family members

9. Coffee at dessert station: JEM coffee:  Coffee ART at dessert station: Bean Writer

10. Groom and Groomsmen: TUX Tailor

11. Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses: Cathrine’s Bridal Couture 

12. Wedding Bands: Marios Jewellers

13. Wedding gifts/ favours: CLICK HERE

14. Merlize du Toit on hair and makeup for the birdesmaids and groomsmen ‘grooming’ 

15. Makeup assistant (bridesmaids): Taryn from TMS makeup & hair

16. Guest book: Designed by Fleur Design Studio, using Instax SA printed photos 

The venue: Vredenburg Manor House, Stellenbosch